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Recommended Reads for Summer 2019 

Recommended reads over Christmas and throughout winter from Mrs Holt (School Librarian)

The Way Home For Wolf  3-6
Rachel Bright
A wolf cub who longs to be big and independent accepts the help of other animals when he becomes separated from his pack. Beautifully written rhyming picture book from the author of The Koala Who Could. Lovely snowy scenes and wintry themed book.
Brave and the Fox  3-6
Nicola Davies
Beautifully blends realism with fantasy elements. A lovely picture book tale ideal as a heart-warming adventure or to encourage discussion on the environment. Includes information at the back about the cause and effects of global warming on the arctic.
How Winston Delivered Christmas   5-9
Alex.T. Smith
An advent story in twenty four and a half chapters.
A charming and heartwarming story with lovely illustrations and simple crafts and activities. From the author of Claude.
Meerkat Christmas  3-6
Emily Gravett
A young meerkat travels the world looking for the perfect Christmas.
Amazing illustrations from the author and illustrator of Meerkat Mail.
The Snow Dragon   7-10
Abi Elphinstone
You can be late for many things in life , but you should never keep an adventure waiting . In Griselda Bone’s gloomy orphanage, daydreaming is banned, skipping is forbidden and Christmas is well and truly cancelled . But for Phoebe and her sausage dog Herb is it possible that magic awaits in the swirling snow-filled air ? A really lovely tale of dreams coming true, with an endearing cast of characters, this is a gorgeously illustrated picture book.
Mr Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise  6-10
Alex T Smith
Mr Penguin embarks on another crazy adventure when he boards a luxury cruise ship. Delightful illustrations ,with an odd cast of characters make this a great series.
Nevertell   8-12 
Katherine Orton
Two children brave the wilds of Russia after they flee a prison camp, pursued by a vengeful sorceress and her shadow wolves. Skillful and hugely enjoyable combination of historical novel, Russian 
folklore and fantasy. Fantastic tale with great characterisation from an author to watch
The Girl Who Speaks Bear   8-12 
Sophie Anderson
Latest book from the author of The House With Chicken Legs. This is a skillful blend of folklore and fantasy , making for a hugely enjoyable adventure. Not to be missed.
Northern Lights    10-16   
Philip Pullman   
Enthralling award winning fantasy. As this is now a television series I have had lots of requests to read this again or for the first time . Critically acclaimed book that is also a great sharing read..
The Really Really Really Big Dinosaur       3-6  
Richard Byrne
A rude dinosaur discovers that sharing things with friends is much more fun than showing
off all the time Quirky illustrations, humorous text and dinosaurs . What more could you want.
Great picture book.
When A Dragon Comes To Stay       3-6
Caryl Hart /Rosalind Beardshaw
A rhyming story about a little dragon who learns about manners and how to behave herself.
Lovely picture book from the author of Whiffy Wilson. Would work well as a bedtime story.
Captain Sparklebeard         3-6
Timothy Knapman
A girl outwits a band of pirates who let her join their crew because she doesn’t have a beard and likes to read.
Great main character who shows strength and determination. Fabulous detailed illustrations. This picture book is really
good for early readers.
Captain Cat and the Treasure Map       6-9
Sue Mongredien
Captain Patch has to save her crew when she discovers a treasure map they have found is cursed.
Fun illustrations ,entertaining pirate caper. Great start to a new series for emerging readers.
Hamish and the Monster Patrol      8-12
Danny Wallace
Latest in the series of Hamish adventures. Hamish and his allies have to save Starkley from a threat coming
from the sea. Quirky adventure, oddball characters and full of humour . Brilliant.
The Dentist of Darkness    7-11
David O’Connell
This is the second book in the series of Dundoodle mysteries. Full of magic , humour and just the right amount
of peril. The Chocolate Factory Ghost was a real hit and this is sure to follow. Great Read.
The Day I Was Erased        9-12
Lisa Thompson
Eleven year old Maxwell suddenly finds that he doesn’t exist and was never born. He starts to enjoy being
anonymous , before realising he misses his old life. Maxwell needs to find a way to reverse his erasure.
This is another superb book from a brilliant children’s author.
Wildspark           9-13
Vashti Hardy
A girl joins a secret guild of scientists who have discovered how to harness the souls of dead people into mechanical animals
in the hope that she can bring her dead brother back to life.
Latest book from the author of Brightstorm. Gripping from the start this exciting adventure will have the reader
on the edge of their seat. Unexpected twists and turns keep the interest going to the last page .Fabulous
Top Pick
Secret Weapon         10-16
Anthony Horowitz
This is a fast paced selection of seven short stories about the popular character Alex Rider. Really good
way to introduce the character to would be fans. Includes three never before seen stories.


Recommended reads for Christmas 2018









Have Sword Will Travel          Garth Nix and Sean Williams         9-12

An engaging fun imaginative read. Great from start to finish about the adventures of novice knights. Good start to a new series.









The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club      Alex Bell                                       9-12

An orphan has a magical adventure when she joins a group of explorers. Really well written fantasy with great characters. Explorers on Witch Mountain is the exciting sequel to this book.









Snowglobe       Amy Wilson              8-12

Enchanting, magical story. A really great read.









The Clockwork Crow      Catherine Fisher             8-12

Victorian Christmas setting, with creepy villains. Blue Peter Book Awards shortlist 2019.









Mary Poppins        P.L.Travers               8-12

This is not the entire text of the original, just seven chapters selected by illustrator Lauren Child. It makes a great introduction to classics with Child’s distinctive illustrations. Lovely introduction to the book.








Watership Down        Frank Cottrell Boyce           5-11

An adapted version for younger readers of the classic. By the well known author of Cosmic, stunning pictures make this a storybook to treasure.









The Cat and the King        Nick Sharratt                6-9

A King and a cat move into a house in an ordinary street and settle into life with the help of neighbours.Great story for newly independent readers.









Cinderboy            Laurence Anholt          5-9

A funny take on the traditional Cinderella. Great fun, part of a series of books by this author, good for encouraging confident reading .With cartoon illustrations..









Santa Claude             Alex .T. Smith          6-8

Festive story for Claude and Sir Bobblysock. One of a fantastic series of adventures for these well loved characters.









Jupiter Jupiter          Lizzy Stewart            4-7

Jupiter Jupiter is a real life superhero. She’s super brave ,super fast, super strong and she can fly, but is something missing ? What is a superhero without a sidekick. Lovely illustrations and great fun.








Mince Spies           Mark Sperring              3-6

Action packed rhyming story which is great fun. Really good illustrations in this picture book about mince pies going undercover in a supermarket.









Emily Brown and Father Christmas     

Cressida Cowell                    3-6

A welcome return for Emily Brown and Stanley in this hilarious tale. Great for fans and anyone new to these popular characters.








On the Night of the Shooting Star

Amy Hest                                       3-6

Two neighbours live their lives without speaking to each other until they both witness the sight of a shooting star which sparks a friendship between them. A really lovely picture book.




A selection of Winter Reads chose by our Librarian Mrs Holt

Tropical Terry      3-6
An ordinary looking fish enlists the help of his friends to become more colourful. Coral Reef City is home to the most dazzling shoals of tropical fish in all the ocean. Terry wants to be part of the dashing flashing crew.
This is a must for all picture book collections , fantastic illustrations and a really enjoyable story.
The Boy and the Bear   3-6
Tracey Corderoy
A boy has a fun summer when he strikes up an unexpected friendship with a bear.
A beautiful story with a lovely portrayal of friendship and an understanding of hibernation.
Wonderful illustrations make this a stand out book. Just one of those feel-good reads.
The Night Before Christmas     3-6
Kes Gray
Fun fresh take on an old poem which works just as well as a stand-alone leisure read.
                                  Green elves were sewing
                                  blue elves were counting
                                  red elves were carving
                                  the pressure was mounting
Great fun ,bright illustrations.
The Way Home For Wolf 
Rachel Bright      3-6
A wolf cub who longs to be big and independent accepts the help of other animals when he becomes separated from his pack. From the hugely successful author of The Lion Inside, this is another great book Lovely illustrations of snowy scenes also make this a good wintry themed picture book.
Dave the Lonely Monster      3-6
Anna Kemp
An elderly monster makes friends with the townspeople he used to terrorise when he was younger. Illustrations are charming and full of life. Very likeable main character, makes this a great read. Try if you like something a little bit different.
Mr Penguin and the Fortress      6-9
Alex T Smith
Gleefully bonkers, this is a wildly inventive tale that will make readers chuckle. A delight with amazing illustrations, a must read from the author of the hugely popular Claude series.
The Legend of Kevin           7-10
Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
This is a lively quick read from the authors of Pugs of the Frozen North. Plenty of humour, a really enjoyable read
with the ending left open for more. Kevin the flying pony is a very endearing character. Sure to be a hit.
The Truth Pixie        6-9
Matt Haig
From bestselling author Matt Haig comes a hilarious and heart warming story, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould. I am a huge fan of Matt Haig’s Christmas trilogy A Boy Called Christmas , and this is a character taken from the books .
Top pick.
                            Wherever she is whatever the day
                            She only has one kind of thing to say
                            Just as cats go miaow and cows go moo
                            The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true
Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon          7-10
Sally Gardner
A young girl sets off on an adventure with a tiger and his troupe of acrobats.
A real whimsical tale of old fashioned story – telling. The authors quality prose along with  distinctive illustrations make this a real treat. Note: This book is printed in blue ink in Dyslexie. A font specially designed to make reading easier and fun. The author is the founder of NuWord which champions positive debate about dyslexia.
Secrets of the Sun King        9-13
Emma Carroll
Three friends embark upon an adventure when 13 year old Lillian receives a mysterious package linked to the hidden tomb of an ancient Egyptian king. An enthralling journey ,great characters, engaging plot. A really good read.
The Train to Impossible Places        8-12
When she is picked up by the Impossible Postal Service train one night in her hallway, a young girl helps save the Impossible Places from the wicked plans of Lord Meridian. A magical page- turning adventure rammed with natty characters, dastardly baddies, stalwart friendships and of course a train. Rollicking debut read , ideal for fans of Harry Potter or the Polar Express.
The Storm Keeper’s Island       9-12
Catherine Doyle
When eleven year old Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arranmore Island, he is drawn in to the magical legacy of his family and the on going battle between the Morrigan and Dagda. An enthralling story that draws you in with the turn of every page. Beautifully written with
engaging characters. Watch for the next one!
The Last magician         9-12
Piers Torday
Three children try to find a lost magician to reunite warring tribes within a magical world.
An exciting and thought provoking story, imaginative with vivid characters and a touch of Narnia. 
Top Pick, Piers Torday continues to be one of the best writers for children.
Great Reads For Summer
Bear’s Story   Clare Freedman   3-6
A book loving bear who decides to write his own story is initially stuck for inspiration,
but helping friends during the day gives him the ideas he needs.
A delightful book about stories and friendship.
Dinosaur Firefighters    Sarah McIntyre     3-6
Join in with the Dinoville firefighters as they slide down poles , race to the rescue and
untangle a tyrannosaurus rex. Great fun from this top author/illustrator.
Rufus     Simon Bartram     4-7
One of my favourite author/illustrators. Bartram is the master of the real story going on in the illustrations. A monster searches the world for a human he can scare , then happens upon a spooky themed fancy dress party. Just wonderful !
Up For The Cup   Simon Bartram     7-11
Football fans are sure to enjoy this. Published in 2014 its worth a mention if you have missed this great picture book. An entertaining tale full of humour with football facts and famous footballers to spot.
Marge and the Secret Tunnel    Isla Fisher   7-10
Great for newly confident readers. Three stories featuring eccentric babysitter Marge and her adventures.
My Hamster is a Genius     Dave Lowe        7-10
A hamster with a genius IQ helps his owner get the better of his evil maths teacher.
Stick and Fetch Investigate      Phillip Ardagh      5-9
Short stories about a girl and her dog and their misadventures
as a detective duo.
Natboff: One Million Years Of Stupidity       Andy Stanton    8-12
Wildly inventive laugh out loud stories with great illustrations. A real treat from the author of Mr Gum.
Ariki and the Great Shark    Nicola Davies      7-11
Washed up on Turtle Island as a toddler, Ariki has always felt different from the other children , but there’s somewhere she belongs heart and soul; the sea. First in a new series, strikingly original but with the feel of a classic this is a really great read . Special book.
The House With Chicken Legs           Sophie Anderson    8-12
Fantasy folklore story about Marinka who dreams of a normal life, where her house stays somewhere long enough for her to make friends. But her house has chicken legs and moves on without warning. Absorbing plot and uplifting ending.
The Secret Ruby     Imogen White   9-12
Young Sherlock meets Indiana Jones. Edwardian adventure taking the main characters across India to return a precious ruby. Really great read
The Sand Dog       Sarah Lean    9-12
A boy discovers secrets about his past as he awaits the return of his grandfather who suddenly left their Mediterranean island two years previously. Great characters , touching moments make this a lovely read.



Top Reads for March 2018  –  Mrs Holt – School Librarian








The First Egg Hunt         3-6     Adam and Charlotte Guillain

Easter chick hatches a plan to get the animals to notice her hard work helping the Easter Bunny get all the eggs ready for Easter Day. Great fun with lively rhyming text. Celebrating teamwork this is a book which can be read all year round.









Odd Dog Out               4-7     Rob Biddulph

A dog searches the world for a place where she feels she belongs, but realises that it is better to stand out than to be a part of the crowd. Illustrations are full of character and rhyme never falters. Great read.








 Spyder       3-6      Matt Carr

A secret agent spider has to protect a birthday cake from a pesky fly who wants to eat it. Bold Illustrations, and plenty of humour in this picture book make it a fantastic read.









The Pirates of Scurvy Sands   4-6      Jonny Duddle

Vibrant art and clever plot make this a great read. A worthy sequel to the bestselling ” Pirates Next Door ”









Little Red Reading Hood       4-7       Lucy Rowland

A fun reimagining of the original fairytale. Rhyming text with a theme of creativity and imagination together with lovely illustrations make this a top pick.









Fantastically Great Women Who Made history       7-11    Kate Pankhurst

Celebrates the achievements of women in the fields of literature ,science, entertainment, politics and civil rights throughout history. This fabulous book will inspire and inform.









The Cat and the King    6-9       Nick Sharratt

A king and his cat move into a house in an ordinary street and settle into life with the help of their neighbours. Odd, funny and very charming. A really lovely read.









Tin      9-12        Padraig Kenny

In steampunk 1930’s Britain, a group of mechanicals ( robots ) set out to save their friend and in turn the country from being destroyed by the plans of a rouge engineer. Engrossing adventure with plenty of plot twists and a very crazy cast of endearing characters. Debut novel.









Battle of the Beetles     9-13        M.G.Leonard

Third and final title in this series. Darkus and his friends follow Lucretia into the Jungle in order to stop her plan of releasing her army of giant beetles upon the world. Cracking adventure with real pace and tension .Great read.









A Whisper of Horses       9-13         Zillah Bethell

A girl living in post disaster Britain goes in search of a place where horses live, although they are considered extinct after an environmental holocaust.

Inventive language, combines with characters you’ll take to heart, and an epic journey to create a hugely enjoyable book. A real treat.









Twister        8-11         Juliette Forrest

A young girl searches for her missing father, with the help of a witch and a magic necklace. Skillfully written fantasy with an irrepressible main character and a unique narrative voice. Feels like a classic but with a freshness too. An author to watch.









The Legend of Podkin One-Ear       8-12         Kieran Larwood

Podkin a young rabbit is the son of a warrior chieftain. His home is brutally attacked and his family are forced to flee. Podkin must protect his family, uncover his destiny and attempt to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbitkind has ever known. Certainly influenced by Watership Down and Lord of the Rings this is a hugely exciting fantasy tale, keeping pace and holding the reader through the whole book. First in a new trilogy. Top pick.









 The 1000 Year Old Boy      10-12         Ross Welford

A boy who has lived for a thousand years, stuck at the age of 11 strives to find a place in the world where he belongs. What in lesser hands could have been outlandish or mawkish is instead a cleverly written exploration of love, life and loss with moments of humour. Superb.


 More 2018 recommended reads








Lucie Goose    Danny Baker     3-6

Inventive ,humorous story which is well matched with the expressive illustrations. Great for story times and reading aloud.

A goose refuses to be scared of all the scary animals that try and intimidate her as she goes for a walk in the woods.









There’s a Shark in the Bath    Sarah McIntyre        3-6

Entertaining read , with lively illustrations packed with detail. A little girl has fun when she discovers a family of sharks in the bath.

Another winner from this author.









Ella    Alex.T.Smith       3-6

From the author of the brilliant Claude books, this is a story with bucket loads of quirky charm. A retelling of the Cinderella story in which a ladybird falls in love with a spider.









Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond   Sam Hearn    7-11

A re-imagining of Sherlock and Watson as school students investigating a case of jewellery theft from a museum.









The Creakers     Tom Fletcher   7-11

11 year old Lucy saves the town when all the grown ups are stolen away by rubbish -loving monsters that live under the ground.

Magical new tale from this bestselling author of The Christmasaurus.









Sky Chasers     Emma Carroll    8-11

A young pickpocket on the streets of Paris finds her life changed after a chance encounter with the Montgolfier family

and their quest to be the first people to fly in a hot- air balloon. Great adventure based very loosely on real events.







Sky Song   Abi Elphinstone        9-12

Two children set off on a quest to defeat the evil Ice Queen who rules Erkenwald  and keeps their world in her icy grip. Magical

adventure with an engaging cast of characters. A real treat.









The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club     Alex Bell     9-13

An orphan has a magical adventure when she joins a group of explorers who are embarking on an expedition to explore a frozen wilderness.

Rich imaginative and well written fantasy.









Gaslight       Eloise Williams           9-12

Set in 1899 Wales, Victorian theatre meets Oliver Twist ! A young girl earning a living at a local theatre finds her life in danger when she

tries to find out what has happened to her mother who mysteriously disappeared.









Nevermoor- The Trials of Morrigan Crow   Jessica Townsend       9-14

Fantastic, captivating read. A girl born under an unlucky sign and destined to die on her 11th birthday is given a chance to join a magical

society which would save her from her fate. Loved this, amazing characters and loved the magical place called Nevermoor



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