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New recommended reads with some great seasonal suggestions too.








Baby Goes to Market        2-4      Antinuke

Amazing illustrations and simple plot. Great sharing read , useful introduction to counting.










The Bad Bunnies Magic Show   4-7      Mini Grey

Classic Mini Grey illustrations bring this book to life. Clever and amusing story, includes flaps and die-cut pages.

An absolute delight.









There Is No Dragon in This Story       4-6      Louis Carter

A dragon fed up with being defeated in his own fairy tale tries to join the characters in other fairy tales.

Hugely imaginative and lots of fun.









Love Matters Most     3-6      Mij Kelly

A mother polar bear searches through a winter storm for her missing cub. Heart-warming narrative, beautiful illustrations. Perfect winter bedtime story.









You Choose In Space   4-7      Pippa Goodhart

Over a million copies sold of the book You Choose, now comes You Choose In Space.

Zoom off into space where you choose what happens next.










One Christmas Wish   5-7      Katherine Rundell

It’s Christmas and Theo, left at home with a babysitter sees an odd looking star out of his window and decides to make a wish. Moments later the Christmas decorations begin to disentangle themselves from the tree behind him to create havoc. From the author of the acclaimed Wolf Wilder comes this book for younger children.










Santa Claude        6-8      Alex.T.Smith

Claude has to be one of my favourite characters. This is a must for festive collections and those who follow the adventures of Claude and Sir Bobblysock. Another hilarious adventure for this pair.










Billy and the Minpins    5-9      Roald Dahl

Originally published as ‘The Minpins’ this is a brand new edition , illustrated by Quentin Blake for the first time.A young boy meets a race of miniature folk who live in a mysterious forest.










There’s A Dragon In My Stocking    7-10      Tom Nicol

Dragons and snow-a fun combination. Fantasy animals with a likeable main character. Great fun.











Father Christmas and Me    8-12      Matt Haig

Following on from A Boy Called Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas this is the third title in the series.

A magical tale with many twists and turns. It’s a winner. One of my top picks.











Simply the Quest       9-12      Maz Evans

Great combination of humorous, wacky characters and pacy quest adventure.

Follow up title to Who Let the Gods Out.










The Road to Ever After      9-13      Moira Young

Davy David ,an orphan lives by his wits in the dead end town of Brownvale , when a stray dog called George turns Davy’s life upside down just before Christmas. A mischievous wind then blows the two of them to a boarded up museum on the outskirts of town where they meet the elderly recluse Miss Flint. A magical adventure, about an unlikely friendship and an unforgettable journey. Laughter and tears in this endearing magic realism tale. A great alternative Christmas read.

Just a few more to look out for


The Mystery of the Midnight Peacock   Katherine Woodfine  10-14

Coming To England    Floella Benjamin   9-13

The Haunting of Charity Delafield      Ian Beck  8-12

The Snow Angel   Lauren St John     10-14

Ten Little Elves   Mike Brownlow   3-6

Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa      Valerie Thomas  4-7

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