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Here are some Recommended reads for the Spring term. Please note ages are for a guide only.    

Mrs D Holt – Librarian

The Very Hungry Caterpillar           2-5
Eric Carle
Celebrating 25 years !  I had to mention this amazing book. Still loved ,a classic with a deceptively simple hopeful story. Follows a caterpillars strange diet as it changes into a butterfly.
Cat In A Box       3-6
Jo Williamson
Looks at all the important things a cat has to do throughout the day from a cat’s point of view.
New from the author of How to be a Dog and Messy Molly.
Edgar and the Sausage Inspector     4-7
Jan Fearnley
Entertaining tale with witty detail in the illustrations and a wickedly amusing ending makes this a terrific read. A sneaky rat keeps on stealing a cat’s food until the cat has enough and gets his own back on the rat.
The Scruff’s Showtime        6-10
Hannah Shaw
The Misfits solve a crime when they are accidently entered into a top pet show competition. Second book in a great new series.
The Tale of Angelino Brown    7-12
David Almond
Charming slightly surreal story ,a lovely tale for imaginative readers.
A little angel is taken in by a couple when the husband finds him in his shirt pocket, but they must deal
with bullies , devious criminals and order obsessed school teachers.
Class Six and the Eel of Fortune    8-11
Sally Prue
A class of Children must prevent a school governor finding out their school is magical, while organising their school fair. Entertaining characters ,great fun.
The Mice of the Round Table -A Tale of Camelot     8-11
Julie Leung
Great adventure, with plenty of swashbuckling action, devious traitors and heroic deeds. A young mouse page at Camelot joins forces with a young Galahad to save Camelot from Saxon invaders.
Sky Thieves   10-13
Dan Walker
An orphaned girl embarks upon a life changing adventure when she wakes up to find she has been smuggled aboard a flying pirate ship. The first in a new series , set sail for an epic fantasy adventure. Excellent debut novel.
Skullduggery Pleasant- Resurrection  10-12
Derek Landy
Business as usual in the 10th book . Slick talking , slick dressing , alliances won and lost.
If you have not come across this series before its really well worth trying . Skullduggery in a 24 hour quest to save the world.
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