Meet BEESLEY The NBPS Manchester BEE

Welcome to Norris Bank Primary School’s very own Bee!

Norris Bank have our very own Manchester Bee, his name is Beesley and he is going to be staying with us.

See his journey below and how he’s been transformed into a beautiful colourful proud Manchester Bee, incorporating our children’s ideas and the skills of ‘Art Club’ 

Who’s in the box? 

Who could it Bee ?

Fast Asleep Zzzzzzzzzz

Time to stretch those wings Beesley

First Colour Application

‘Art Club’ busy bringing Beesley to life with colour

Flowers and Leaves Silhouettes 

Doesn’t Beesley look fantastic!

Beesley is now situated in the Office Reception area, please feel free to come and say hello, but please do not touch Beesley as he is very delicate.